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If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out of The Kitchen…

This may be true, unless its summertime and you’re actually cooking. Then you might have to stay in the kitchen and just deal. Here are some tips for cooling the kitchen and the other spaces of your home.

In The Kitchen…

When the oven is cranking and the pots are steaming, you want hot air moving. Since the chef is probably flying around too, we recommend putting an oscillating pedestal fan on the counter, keeping the floor space open and the air moving.

If That’s Not Enough: Place a shallow bowl of ice in front of a fan and enjoy the cooler breeze.

Another Cool Tip: Right before the dishwasher starts it’s dry cycle, power it off and let the dishes air-dry to avoid hot steam leaking out.

In The Living Room….

We recommend placing an oscillating stand fan in the corner of the room to throw gentle breezes in all directions. While fans won’t cool-down a room, they will make people feel cooler.

Another Cool Tip: Since hot air rises, make sure the blades are rotating counter-clockwise so they push the air down to create a “breeze.”

In the Bedroom…

There are many reasons to shut the shades in the bedroom. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, blinds will reduce the amount of heat that comes into your room by as much as 45%!

If That’s Not Enough: Use a window fan with the blades facing outside to suck warm air out of the room and pull cooler air in.

Outdoor Solutions…

When gardening, sunbathing, barbecuing or just hanging, a Cobra Stand Mister provides 10-feet of lovely, mist cooling coverage! With two mist nozzles, these fun yard art pieces keep everyone, including pets, a little cooler. And, they connect easily to your garden hose, which by the way, can also be used as very strong mister.

Another Cool Tip: Always use sunscreen that contains both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, otherwise you might as well use nothing. And, the SPF rating tells you how long (not how strong) the sunscreen will last before you need to reapply.

If that’s not Enough: In an instant, pop out a 10×10 pop up instant canopy tent to cover an entire patio table or whomever forgot their sunscreen. And, canopy chairs and kids’ canopy chairs offer personalized shade.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate….any way you can!

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