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With the colder weather arriving in Fort Collins and snow in the future, it is important to be ready when feet of the powdery stuff hits town. Here are five items you can pick up from Ace Hardware of Fort Collins to prepare you for upcoming snow.

Ice melt

Ice melt is important to have on hand and can be picked up at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins. When applied, ice melt helps lower the freezing point and prevents water from freezing or re-freezing again. Ice melt should be scattered on walkways, stairs, and driveways before the snow hits and then applied a second time during the snow storm. Once the storm is over, dispose of large amounts of used ice melt to help protect surrounding lawns and plants.


When the huge snow storm hits, a snowblower will come in handy. Snowblowers help remove large amounts of snow and are more efficient for clearing larger areas. Pick up a snowblower today from Ace Hardware of Fort Collins and help your neighbors clear their walkways, as well as your own, with ease.


Shovels are essential for clearing steps and sidewalks of lightly packed snow in front of your home. Place one in the trunk of your car in the event you get stuck in a snowy ditch.

Grill and outdoor furniture covers

Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries grill and outdoor furniture covers for you to protect your items from the snow. Come shop our selection and cover up your belongings so that they are in good condition when the spring arrives.


Once the work is done, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries a variety of sleds for you and your family to enjoy together in the snow.

Don’t be fooled by our mild start this winter. Be prepared. March and April have been some of our snowiest months on the Northern Colorado Front Range. Stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins at Harmony Rd. and Lemay Ave. today or shop online at acehardwareftcollins.com for all your snowy weather needs.

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