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As Thanksgiving is coming around the corner, you may start to hear people talking about turkey brining. Did you know that salt brining methods have been dated all the way back until 1775 during the Revolutionary War? Of course, back then people weren’t targeting the amazing flavors that we use brining for currently and were looking to just keep their food fresh for longer. But today, when we brine a turkey, we are looking for the best tastes and flavors possible. As you get ready to prepare your Thanksgiving feast, here are a few pointers to keep that turkey delicious this year.

  1. No matter what method you use to brine your turkey, whether you put it in a brining bag or just keep it in a stock pot, you should brine it for at least one hour per pound. This is to ensure a minimum amount of flavor throughout your turkey. You can always add numerous amounts of spice and different ingredients to enhance your turkey brine!
  2. Whether you use a dry or wet method of brining, you will need to use a paper towel to pat your turkey dry before cooking. If you would like a crispier skin on your turkey, leave it in the refrigerator uncovered for about 30 minutes.
  3. Brine the correct type of turkey. Some turkeys such as Kosher turkeys already have salts and flavors added to it. Also, never brine a turkey that has been previously “enhanced” or already tampered with in some way. Even if all it says is “water added,” do not brine it.
  4. When brining, do not make your stuffing inside of the turkey. Instead, make your stuffing inside a baking dish separate from your turkey. The juices that are stuffed inside the turkey will over-season your stuffing and could possibly ruin it.

Using a wet or dry turkey brine will moisten your turkey and be sure to give it an impactful flavor this holiday season! Stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins on East Harmony for your all turkey cookin’ needs. Happy Thanksgiving from your local Ace Hardware of Fort Collins!

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