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April 25 through May 5

As spring starts to show its vibrant colors, it’s time to start helping your own gardens bloom. At Ace Hardware of Fort Collins, we strive to provide everything you need for a beautiful landscape. These tips, and our Dirt Cheap Sale, will help you get it all done without breaking the bank!

Start with Top Soil

The quality of your top soil can make a significant difference in the success of your gardening projects. Top soil is the upper layer of soil that is rich in organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms vital for plant growth. It serves as the foundation for your plants. Using the right top soil ensures proper drainage, aeration, and nutrient availability for your plants. Plus, quality top soil can help mitigate common gardening woes like compaction and erosion, giving your plants the best shot at success. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries a variety of high-quality top soils to help you find the right one for your needs. Choosing the right top soil ensures that your plants have the best possible environment to thrive in.

Time it Right

Living in Northern Colorado means keeping your green thumb on the ever-changing rhythm of the season. In our area, the optimal time to start planting flowers is generally when the frost retreats and the soil warms up – typically around late April to early May. However, keep an eye on those unpredictable springtime frosts and be prepared to protect your vulnerable plants if needed.

Stock up During our Dirt Cheap Sale

Just in time for planting season we have a couple of great deals for you! From April 25 through May 5, take advantage of our 20th annual Dirt Cheap Sale.


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