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April 15, 2024

Earth Day Every Day



Eco-friendly products and practices that benefit the planet

At Ace Hardware of Fort Collins, we recognize the need to consider the environment when creating an outdoor space. That’s why we make an effort to offer a wide range of eco-friendly products. These products, along with good practices, not only beautify your landscape but conserve resources and minimize pollution. And in honor of Earth Day, you’ll find many of our eco-friendly products on sale right now!

Harness the Power of the Sun

Pathway lights

Solar lights produce clean, renewable energy without emitting harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants. They absorb sunlight during the day, converting it into electricity that is stored in rechargeable batteries within the light fixtures. This Feit OneSync Bronze Solar Powered 40 W LED Pathway Light is a great choice! It offers illumination that is 3x brighter than traditional solar lights, durable construction, and customizable control.




Rain It In

Downspout filter

Whatever you’re planting will most likely need supplemental water here in Colorado. Rain barrels can collect runoff from roofs and gutters, providing a sustainable source of water for plants during dry periods. Doing this also reduces dependence on municipal water supplies and can even lower your water bill. The Invisaflow FlexGrate 2 in. Black Plastic Downspout Filter works well with rain barrels. It filters leaves and debris and prevents drains from clogging.




Go Natural

Potting soil


Synthetic fertilizers can filter harmful chemicals into the soil and waterways, posing risks to your health and the environment. Opting for organic fertilizers enriches the soil with nutrients while improving its structure and water retention capabilities. Whitney Farms Organic All Purpose Potting Soil is 100% biodegradable. Made with kelp and alfalfa meal, it allows you to grow bountiful container gardens naturally with beautiful results.




Ditch the Grass



Traditional lawns require lots of watering and maintenance. By using other landscape alternatives you’ll save water and reduce chemical run-off. You can choose to xeriscape or lay down a ground covering like Scotts Nature Scapes Enhanced Mulch. Not only does mulch help accent your landscape but it helps to conserve moisture in the soil under it. Its Color Guard technology helps to retain its color all year long, so you don’t have to replace it so often.





Embracing eco-friendly practices is a rewarding journey towards creating a greener and more resilient landscape. Visit us at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins on Harmony to get products and tips that will benefit both you and the planet.

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