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Taking Care of Your Bathroom Grout

Keeping your bathroom looking new is a tough task to tackle. One element that can easily get discolored is the grout. Grout is the cement-like mixture that works like glue for floor, bath, and countertop tiles. Over time, grout becomes a dark color and takes a beating from everyday life. There comes a time when the grout needs to be cleaned or completely repaired.

How to know if your grout needs repaired?
One of the first indicators is a loose tile. A loose tile allows water to get behind and damage the remaining grout. Another indicator is mold, a more hazardous sign. Mold suggests bacteria is growing in – and potentially behind – the breaks between tiles. The final sign is crumbling grout. This can come from harsh cleaning chemicals or improper installation. 

How to re-grout.
The good news about redoing grout- you won’t have to discard all the original grout. If the grout needs replacing due to mold, it is recommended to scrape half the thickness of the grout. If the mold has progressed or is deeper into the grout, then remove as much as possible.

Helpful tools from Ace Hardware of Fort Collins to re-grout.
Carbide Grout Saw Item #2166064 | $11.99: The QEP Professional Carbide Hand-Held Grout Saw features a handle design and length. It provides exceptional leverage for stripping, cleaning and removing old grout. The grout saw includes two blades for working with various grout joint widths.

Ace Slotted Screwdriver Item #24833 | $4.59:  The clear, chemical-resistant handle provides a comfortable grip while allowing for just the right amount of torque. The easy-grip handle makes it simple to maintain hand-positioning for multiple turns. Can be used to chip away at the grout and give leverage when removing tiles.

Homax Tile Guard Residential Penetrating Grout Sealer 16 oz Item #13745 | $7.99:
This sealer provides excellent water protection and works against dirt penetration. Mold and mildew stains are not attractive in your bathroom or shower. This easy-to-use silicone sealer will protect your grout from moisture damage inside and out.

Need to clean or replace the grout in your bathroom? Call Ace Hardware of Fort Collins at (970) 223-9273 or visit us in-store at 1001 E Harmony Rd B, Fort Collins, CO 80525 to get the supplies you need!

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