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Living in Northern Colorado means frequent snow and ice on your sidewalks and driveway. We know very well that snow removal can be quite the chore during these long winter – and spring – months. Whatever your snow removal method of choice may be, the team here at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins is here to help you take home the best possible products that will make the task of snow removal much easier – and even more enjoyable.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of snow removal products from top brands that will help you get the job done right!

EGO Power + Peak Power 56 V Battery Auger-Propelled Snow Blower with Heated Handles

The EGO POWER+ Auger-Propelled Snow Blower delivers the power and performance of gas-powered snow blowers without the noise, fuss or fumes. Featuring Peak Power technology, this cordless snow blower combines the power of any two EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries to tackle heavy, wet snow with a throwing distance up to 45 ft. Built with a high-efficiency brushless motor and rubber paddles that make contact with the ground, this cordless electric snow blower cuts through heavy snow with ease and leaves a cleaner finish. Its innovative auger-propelled design supports simultaneously propelling the snow blower forward while clearing snow through the chute to make cleaning pavement effortless for the operator. Premium features like heated handles and LED lights come standard.

The Snowplow UHMW Snow Pusher (Multiple Sizes available)

The SnowPlow Snow Pushers are a premium brand and market leading snow removal tool preferred by contractors and enjoyed by homeowners everywhere it snows. The top-quality construction is based on the high wearing, self-sharpening UHMW polyethylene blade for multiple years lifespan in the most abusive environments. The extra length fiberglass handle with D-grip provides ergonomic operator comfort. The USA Patented Tuffbrace provides blade support and attaches the handle for a simple bolt together construction design allowing for all parts to easily be assembled and replaced.

Ace Steel Sidewalk Scraper

Easily remove layers of ice and frozen snow from your driveway with the help of the Ace ice scraper. Designed for occasional use, this tool is equipped with an ultra-robust forged and tempered steel blade that will facilitate the task. This heavy-duty tool will extend the life of most shovels as it breaks up compacted snow and ice that can be then plowed or pushed away.

Falcon Melt Away Ice Melt

Falcon Ice Melt is the safe, local choice! This ice melt is non-toxic, meaning it is safe for pets to be walking through. Its patented formula with Meltium® and CMA is safe for both concrete and metal. It also will not damage your lawn or surrounding vegetation – in fact, this product actually is a vegetation enhancer!

Whatever your snow removal needs may be, look no further than Ace Hardware of Fort Collins. Our team of helpful hardware folk is eager to help you find whatever you need to tackle the snow and ice! See store for product availability.

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