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Here at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins, we’re passionate about home improvement projects. We’re strong believers that investing even a small amount of time and energy into our living spaces can make the world of a difference in creating a place that feels like home!

The start of a new year is an excellent time to sit down and decide if there are any spaces in your home that you’d like to refresh. Is your master bathroom looking a bit boring? Has your child outgrown their colorful decor? Perhaps your front porch could use a new look? Whatever project you have on your mind, the Ace Hardware of Fort Collins team is here to help you make that dream a reality.

While a full-on remodel might sound nice, we know that not everyone has the time or resources to buy all-new furniture or appliances. Over the years, we’ve learned that there are easier and quicker ways to refresh any space – our favorite way to make small improvements to our space is with paint. We feel that there is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to give new life to a tired piece of furniture or drab-feeling room! What’s more, there is a type and color of paint for any project you can dream up – so let your imagination run wild! 

If you have a paint project on your mind, you’re in the right place. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries what you need to refresh your space with paint – what’s more, we have a team of experts who will be thrilled to help you pick out the products you’ll need. 

First, check out our Paint Studio to help you find the perfect color for your space. 

From modern color schemes to timeless classics, explore beautiful color palettes from top paint brands to help you find the perfect hues for your next paint project. The Paint Studio at Ace proudly offers a selection of paint colors from leading brands in the industry. Shop a variety of interior, exterior and wall paint colors from top brands!

Bring your imagination to life with our color visualizer tool from The Paint Studio at Ace! Select a scene to see how our popular color palettes apply to real life or upload your own photo to test out your favorite shades. Once you’ve explored the perfect hues, take home a sample size of your new color to try it out in your own home. With thousands of indoor and outdoor paint colors, it’s easy to find ones that perfectly fit your home. 

Ace White 5 gal Bucket

This 5-gallon bucket is durable and long-lasting. Use it to store or haul parts!

Ace 4 ft. W X 15 ft. L 8 oz Canvas Drop Cloth 1 pk

Contractor Grade Heavyweight Canvas is a double-stitched canvas drop cloth ideal for painting and cleaning. Constructed from large panels of twill, drill, duck or uncut cord, this drop cloth is perfect for covering furniture and floors before painting. This drop cloth is washable and reusable.

Ace Better Angle/Flat Paint Brush Set

Our high-quality brush set offers brushes for trim, cutting and production. Handcrafted with a polyester filament suited for all paints but work especially well with latex paints and stains. The mixture of solid and hollow filaments allows it to hold a lot of paint. The flagged and tipped filament leaves a smooth finish.

Ace Best Plastic 11 in. W X 15 in. L 2 qt Paint Tray Set

Our quality tray kit gives you professional results through any paint project and a flawless finish every time. This all-in-one convenient kit is a great value. Includes rollers, liners, a tray, and brushes

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty 4 psi Plastic HVLP Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Control Double Duty Sprayer is a staining and finishing sprayer for small to medium sized projects. It has the power to cut time out of projects like fences, furniture and trim work with the control to keep the mess down. Adjustable material flow allows for reducing or increasing stain flow to match the needed project speed and improve covering efficiency. Spray pattern can be set to spray horizontal, vertical or a narrow round pattern for spindles and narrow surfaces. The Control Spray Double Duty can spray transparent to solid stains, lacquers and furniture paints. With Click-n-Paint design the nozzle assembly separates from the turbine for fast clean up.

Shur-Line 3-3/4 in. W Paint Edger For Flat Surfaces

Achieve a straight line around molding and trim without using tape! Shur-Line’s Professional Edger is designed to provide a perfect professional edge along baseboard, trim, ceilings, walls and windows and the ergonomic handle reduces fatigue. The Professional version features a flip-up retractable guide to pull wheels out of the way for mess-free loading of paint onto the pad. Protective wheel guards keep wheels paint-free and as you glide around molding and trim for a tight edge without taping, and creates smooth, straight lines with virtually no linting for results better than when using a standard brush. The swivel handle allows just enough movement to guide the tool easily and is threaded for attachment to an extension pole to edge in hard-to-reach places. When you finish the job, quick-eject pad release tabs on each side keep hands clean and paint-free. Save time and money while achieving a beautiful painting result.

FrogTape 1.88 in. W X 60 yd L Green Medium Strength Painter’s Tape 1 pk

Frog Tape Multi-Surface is a premium, medium adhesion painter’s masking tape that helps you achieve crisp, clean paint lines and saves time and money by eliminating the need for touch-ups. Available in a variety of widths to accommodate any application, Frog Tape is the sharp line solution for basic masking applications or advanced wall designs like stripes or geometric patterns.

Bring your home improvement ideas to life with products from Ace Hardware of Fort Collins! Stop by our storefront today to chat with our helpful team of experts. We’ll help you find what you need to freshen up your space and create a house that feels like home.

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