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As the seasons transition and cooler weather approaches, it’s time to give your garden and lawn the attention they need to thrive through winter. So, it’s essential in the coming months to do some yard preparation for cooler weather.

At Ace Hardware Fort Collins on Harmony, we’re here to provide you with helpful hints and top-quality products to ensure your outdoor space remains healthy and well-prepared. Here are some valuable tips and essential products to guide you in prepping your garden and lawn for the colder months ahead:


Mowing Strategy 

Mowing your lawn as colder weather approaches is essential for lawn care and preparation for the winter months. Longer grass can harbor moisture and create conditions favorable for fungal diseases and snow mold to grow. Snow mold is a common lawn disease that can occur under heavy snow cover. Mowing can also help distribute nutrients more evenly across your lawn. As leaves and other organic matter decompose, their nutrients can be more evenly dispersed, contributing to better soil health. For an efficient mowing experience, consider these products:


Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Kit



Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2823-22HD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Kit: This 18V battery-powered self-propelled mower offers convenience and performance. It’s perfect for maintaining your lawn as the seasons change.





Zero Turn Riding Mower Kit



EGO Power+ Z6 ZT4205S Zero Turn Riding Mower Kit: The 56V battery-powered, zero-turn riding mower kit is a powerful option for larger lawns. With four 12.0 AH batteries, you’ll have ample power to get the job done.





Gas Trimmer



STIHL FS 56 RC-E Gas Trimmer: Tackle unruly edges and areas your mower can’t reach with this reliable gas trimmer.





Mulching for Winter Protection

Consider using mulches such as bark or compost. These materials gradually break down, enriching the soil over time. Apply a layer of mulch around 2 to 4 inches thick, being careful to avoid piling mulch against plant stems or trunks, which can lead to moisture-related issues. By mulching your garden and landscape before winter, you’re taking proactive steps to protect your plants, soil, and investment in landscaping. The benefits of mulching extend beyond winter, promoting healthier growth and a more vibrant landscape come spring.


Enhanced Mulch




Scotts Nature Scapes Deep Forest Brown Bark Color Enhanced Mulch: This mulch adds visual appeal and shields your plants from winter cold.







Timberline Natural Pine Bark Nuggets: Protect your garden with these natural pine bark nuggets that insulate and enrich the soil.






Composting for Garden Health

Compost improves soil structure, water-holding capacity, and nutrient content, making it especially valuable in Fort Collins. Compost acts as an insulating layer, protecting plant roots from sudden freezes and thaws. It helps stabilize soil temperatures, reducing stress on plants caused by extreme temperature variations. By amending your garden soil with compost before winter, you’re prepping it for spring planting. The nutrients and improved soil structure created by compost will give your plants a strong start once the growing season begins.



Black+Decker 40-gal Tumbling Composter: This sturdy composter with a lid makes composting easy and efficient.







Natural Guard Organic Blend Garden Compost Maker: Boost your compost with this organic blend compost maker to accelerate decomposition.







Black Gold Organic Blend Garden Compost: Enhance your garden beds with this organic compost, promoting plant growth and soil vitality.





Aeration for Lawn Resilience

Aerating your lawn before winter is a beneficial practice that can significantly enhance the health and appearance of your grass as it prepares to face the challenges of the cold season. Compacted soil restricts the movement of air, water, and nutrients, making it difficult for grass roots to grow and thrive. Aerating breaks up compacted soil, allowing essential elements to penetrate the soil profile and reach the roots by creating channels in the soil, enabling better water infiltration and nutrient absorption. Aerating also allows the roots of your grass to establish deeper into the soil.

Deeper roots provide better insulation and protection against cold temperatures, ensuring your grass is more resilient during winter freezes and thaws. Your lawn will also have a head start for spring growth. The channels created by aeration enable new grass shoots to emerge more easily, resulting in a lusher and healthier lawn once the growing season begins. An additional benefit of aeration is weed prevention because it disrupts weed growth by removing weed crowns and breaking up the soil where weeds might take root.




Yard Butler Lawn Aerator: Easily aerate your lawn to ensure healthy root systems.







Craftsman Tow-Behind Plug Aerator: Ideal for larger lawns, this tow-behind plug aerator effectively loosens compacted soil.






If you have any questions or concerns about cooler weather yard preparation, our knowledgeable staff at Ace Hardware Fort Collins on Harmony is here to assist you. Drop by our store. We’ll ensure you have all the products and guidance you need for a successful transition to cooler weather. Your garden and lawn will thank you!


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