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This month we’ve got some great sales on our power tools, which can come in handy for those DIY home improvement projects. There’s no need to feel intimidated by a power tool; they are affordable and easy to use, plus they can save you a lot of money when working on your home! Investing in just a few staple tools will open a world of opportunities to fix those few projects that you’ve been putting off. Here’s some of our favorite easy-to-use tools:


Despite the loud noise, jigsaws are fairly easy to operate! They are most often used to make curved cuts but can be utilized in many other ways. Jigsaws can cut many materials, from wood to metal, tile to Styrofoam. The blade can be switched out depending on what material you’re cutting. Making cuts right up to vertical surfaces such as a wall or cabinet have never been easier – simply fit the jigsaw with a flush-cut blade. There are also reverse-tooth blades that can be used to make cuts on surfaces that can’t be flipped over.


Possibly the most recognizable power tool, the electric drill is the bigger, faster version of the screw driver. Invest in a Milwaukee cordless drill to loosen and tighten the screws on hinges, furniture, shelving, or anything else that requires a screw. Drill bits come in different sizes so you can work with all sizes of screws. You can also fit your drill with a saw bit, which will allow you to cut holes of various sizes for doorknobs, drains, wires, or pilot holes before the screw.


Like the drill, the electric sander is a power tool that takes some of the work out of an otherwise manual task. You can smooth surfaces with a piece of sandpaper and some elbow grease, but the job becomes quicker and easier with an electric sander. Whether you’re making a wooden DIY project or just want to smooth some paint off your chipped window sills, this tool can come in handy.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is mostly used for cutting wood. It is best for long and straight cuts. The blade can also be swapped out depending on the material you are cutting, whether that be wood, metal, or piping. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries blades of all varieties to meet your every cutting need.

But don’t stop there! These power tools can make projects in the kitchen, garage, living room, or bathroom quick and easy. If you have any questions or aren’t sure what to look for, stop in Ace Hardware of Fort Collins and ask our staff for some advice. We’d be happy to help you with your next home improvement project.

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