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The weather is warming up along the front range and we are starting to dream of summer. If you take pride in having a thick green lawn, now is the time to begin spring fertilizer!

Ace’s April Red Hot Buys are going on until April 30, and it’s the perfect time to stock up on your fertilizer! Save on assorted lawn foods and receive additional money off with your Ace Rewards card! We have a few options for multi-step fertilizing programs. Our Ace 4 Step Program and Scotts 4 Step Annual Program are both great all-encompassing program to feed your lawn, prevent crabgrass, and fight weeds.

A healthy lawn needs lots of care. The dry Colorado weather means we have to water our lawns, aerate, mow weekly, and fertilize. If your lawn is not properly fertilized each year, it will grow shorter and thinner. If you have kids, an unfertilized lawn will not withstand the wear and tear that children can bring to a yard. But taking good care of it will ensure lush green grass for little feet to run around on.

The end of April and the first week of May are the ideal time to fertilize in northern Colorado. At this time of year, the weather is still cool enough to sustain a healthy growth and the grass also has fairly established and thriving roots.

When choosing the correct fertilizer, it’s key to know what the formulation guide means. Fortunately, whichever fertilizer you choose will have information on the nutrients that it includes. Look for the N-P-K ratio. This is the percentage the fertilizer contains by volume of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. For example, Ace Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer is a 29-0-3 formula, which contains 29% Nitrogen,  0% Phosphorus and 3% Potassium. This is a common blend used in the spring to green up your lawn and hold back any crabgrass that is threatening. Notice the 0% Phosphorus. Leaving this out is friendly to the environment, particularly water supplies underground, in rivers, and streams. You can find plenty of Phosphorus-free options for the entire season at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins.

Not sure what nutrients your northern Colorado soil needs? Try the line of Rapitest Soil Testers available at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins to test your soil and get an idea of the nutrients that are already present in your garden. Once you are aware of the nutrients that are in abundance and those that are lacking, you can make a better fertilizer selection.

While fertilizer is important to grow healthy yards, be careful and avoid fertilizing too late or too often. Over fertilizing your lawn will cause a rapid increase in growth, which means more water to prevent drought stress and more frequent mowing.

For more helpful tips and fertilizer suggestions, ask our helpful staff at Ace! Stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins, located at 1001 E. Harmony Rd. Unit B or give us a call at 970-223-9273. View current sales and promotions here.


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