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That neighbor down the street that spends more time in his lawn than you do at work? Chances are he has more than a green thumb. There are key tips and tricks to having the greenest, lushest lawn and garden in the neighborhood. And we know the secret. Below we’re sharing tips for maintaining a healthy lawn, year-round:


Most turf experts believe three feedings per year is optimal: spring, summer, and fall. At minimum, two feedings per year should be done in the early spring and early fall. Check out our April specials on Ace Fertilizers.

Proper mowing.

When mowing, be careful not to take off too much (and fry your grass)! Our friends at All Terrain landscaping recommend taking off just 1/3 of an inch every mowing. Also, mow in the early morning or late evening, avoiding the direct sun during the peak of the day.


As a general rule, most plants prefer water at their “feet,” not on their “heads”. In other words, water at soil level versus spraying over the top of a plant. It is also important to know when to water. An inexpensive moisture meter, available at Ace, can be used to indicate the need.

Control Pests and Diseases.

Indiscriminant spraying and dusting of pesticides can be harmful to plants, pets and humans. Controls are formulated for specific purposes and should be used only as recommended on the product’s label. As a first step, determine what pests or diseases your plants have by providing samples to your extension service or the garden center manager at your local Ace store.

Test the Soil.

A simple, but usually overlooked step will indicate the needs for your soil. For example, the pH level indicates the acidity of the soil, which will dictate the types of plants that will grow best that particular location. You can pick up a DIY test kit at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins.

Do you have any tips you follow for a healthy lawn? Share with us in the comments below!

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