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Shoveling the driveway sure isn’t a fun task, but it is a necessary one especially if you live in Colorado. Here are a few items we recommend to have on hand the next time a blizzard hits.

1. Ergonomic Shovel
“Ergonomic” is just another way of saying “back saver.” The crook in the handle relieves pressure from the back while shoveling, thus saving you from a lot of pain later on. Don’t forget to spray your shovel with cooking spray to prevent snow from sticking!

2. Snow Melt 
The layer of ice beneath the snow on your driveway can be the most dangerous for walking and driving. Don’t rely on the sun to do the job – melt ice with pet-friendly, environmentally safe snow melt.

3. Push Broom
A metal shovel and a wood porch don’t make for a great combination. To remove snow from your porch, use a push broom with synthetic bristles that won’t damage your porch.

4. Roof Rake 
With all the snow on the ground, we tend to forget about the effect it has on our roofs. Prevent damage after a heavy snowfall by clearing out gutters and other crevices with a roof rake.

5. Snow Blower
If you have a long driveway or are just fed up with shoveling, it may be worth investing in a snow blower.

Stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins before the next blizzard to load up on all the best snow removal items! Questions about what we have in stock? Give us a call at 970-223-9273.

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