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As November quickly approaches, mowing the lawn is likely the last thing on your mind. However, we’re here to remind you just how important it is to care for your lawn care tools – namely, your lawn mower! 

We recommend that you winterize your lawn mower before stowing it away for the season. We know that it can be easy to overlook or forget about routine maintenance of your tools, especially when you’re not actively using them. However, you will ultimately save yourself time and money if you spend just a few minutes caring for your lawn mower before putting it in storage for the winter. 

Here are a few steps that we recommend you take to keep your lawn mower in tip-top shape:

  1. Empty the lawn mower’s gas tank of any remaining fuel
  2. Disconnect the lawn mower’s spark plug before continuing with maintenance (this will help to prevent accidental injury!)
  3. Remove and sharpen the lawn mower’s blade
  4. If the mower has a 4-cycle engine, drain and change your lawn mower’s oil
  5. Clean the undercarriage of the lawn mower by scraping off caked-on mud and grass
  6. Replace the lawn mower’s blade
  7. Replace the mower’s air filter 
  8. Replace the old spark plug with a new one
  9. Safely stow away gasoline or any other combustibles in a detached shed or garage. Store the fuel in an approved container, far away from any possible ignition sources. 

If you don’t have all the tools needed, Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries everything you need to ensure the proper functioning of your lawn mower (or any other tools you may have!) 

Milwaukee Cut 1 Cut Resistant Gloves

The Milwaukee Tool dipped gloves are designed to provide ultimate durability, all–day comfort, and best in class dexterity for handling small objects. The Milwaukee Tool Cut 1 dipped gloves utilize a textured nitrile palm to provide best in class grip performance in a wide range of temperatures and oily surfaces. The gloves are made of a nylon and Lycra blend to provide all day comfort and wick away moisture while also featuring high dexterity fingertips to maximize control when handling small objects. Smartswipe™ on the index fingers provide full access to touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Arnold Blade Removal Tool

Blade Removal Tool for walk-behind and riding lawn mowers, single and twin blade models, For easy removal of both lawn mower and tractor blades. Clamp safely holds the blade in place while you loosen the blade nut. For walk-behind and riding lawn mowers, single and twin blade models, up to 42-inch decks.

Ace Fuel Filter

Universal Fuel Filter Fits all small gasoline engines for mowers and tractors, 1/4″ I.D. or 5/16″ I.D. fuel line, Prevents dirt and other particles in the fuel tank from reaching the carburetor.

Toro Tune-Up Kit 

Keep your Toro Walk Power Mower running smoothly season after season with this Maintenance Kit for mowers with Briggs and Stratton engines. This kit contains oil, an air filter, a spark plug and fuel stabilizer. You can count on these essentials for routine maintenance on your Walk Power Mower.

Replacement Lawn Mower Blades

If you feel like your lawn mower isn’t performing to its full potential – or you want to skip the whole sharpening process – swap out your old, worn blades with sharp new ones. We carry a wide selection of lawn mower blades to fit any size mower, from the smallest, cordless electric model to the largest, gas riding mower.

We’ve got everything you need to keep your lawn mower up and running. Unsure where to start? Head to Ace Hardware of Fort Collins on Harmony and ask for one of our expert staffers. They can help you find the right replacement parts or accessories, as well as help you do things like sharpen your blades or replace a part on your lawn mower.


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