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August 23, 2016

Tailgating Essentials List



In case you haven’t been getting your tailgating team set-up, we’ve got you covered with the essential tailgating list (and no, we’re not talking team-themed cookies here!)

GRILL – Obviously, a grill is a must, but we have a few suggestions:

  • Weber Q Gas Grill: this one travels really well
  • Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill: in addition to traveling well, this one offers a charcoal option
  • Big Green Egg: go big or go home. The Egg reaches cooking temperatures in minutes and doesn’t get as hot as metal grills.

GRILL TOOLS + PROPANE TANK / CHARCOAL – We’re not going to get technical here, but you get the audible.

COOLER – The cooler that will last the most seasons is, hands down, a Yeti Cooler. Depending on your party size, choose between the Roadie 20, Tundra 35 or Tundra 45.

PORTABLE CHAIR WITH DRINK HOLDER – You need somewhere to sit, right? And so does your beverage of choice.

FOLD IN HALF TABLE WITH CARRY HANDLE – Let the actual team do the heavy lifting. This carry handle on the table is not to be under valued.

DUCK TAPE – If anything unexpected happens, you’ll be glad to have a roll on hand.

This should start you off for a successful tailgating season. We’ll save the team-themed cookie recipe for another post.

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