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Now that we are approaching the “dog days of summer”, the July heat and humidity is at a high. As we look for ways to keep our homes cool during these hot days, there are many tricks to beat the heat. Portable fans, air conditioner units or simple life hacks can help keep you and your home at a comfortable temperature this summer.

Portable Fans

Fans are important for circulating air and allowing it to flow through your home. Household fans can help raise your thermostat a handful of degrees and reduce cooling costs. Keeping unused rooms closed off and positioning fans in hallways can help the direction of air flow. Stand-alone fans can also be easily moved around to decrease humidity and keep you cool.

Air Conditioner Units

Air Conditioner units are a cost-effective way to lower the temperature in your home this summer. You can easily fit one into your window and cool the areas that you frequent the most. They are a great option for keeping your body temperature from overheating and preventing heat stroke. Their filter can trap allergens and ease their effects in your home. However, be sure to change the air filter often to keep clean air in circulation.

Other Tips and Tricks

Additional ways to cool off your home this summer include keeping blinds closed, wearing lighter clothing, and placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan. You can even use your grill to cook outside instead of heating up your kitchen with your oven!

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