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March 11, 2024

Hardware Hacks



Different Uses for Everyday Items

In the world of DIY, ordinary items from the hardware store can offer unexpected solutions. There are clever and playful ways to repurpose everyday tools for tasks you never thought about. If you’re in a pinch, a regular item from the hardware store can come to your rescue. Here are few ways to get more from everyday household items.

Use a Joint Knife Scraper for a Smooth Cake

Paint Scraper



If you don’t have a spatula on hand this 3 in. W Plastic Flexible Scraper from Ace offers a similar shape and wide surface to smooth icing over and around a cake. Its chisel edge allows for detailed scraping on soft surfaces for a picture-perfect finish.




Paint on the Butter

Paint Brush



A new paint brush like this Purdy XL Bow 2 in. Medium Stiff Flat Trim Paint Brush is a great tool for basting a turkey or spreading barbecue sauce or soft butter onto food. The Purdy brush is lightweight, has medium-stiff bristles and is easy to clean.






Get Traction from Bird Seed

Bird seed bag


If you’re in an icy jam, bird seed can help make surfaces less slippery. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins carries premium bird food like Songbird Selections Songbird Crunch Wild Bird Seed. It won’t melt the ice but may help give your tires enough traction to get moving. Plus, it doesn’t harm the environment and the birds will clean it up for you once you’re done!




Tape Off Bothersome Lint

Painter's Tape


If your lint-filled black pants are preventing you from walking out the door and you don’t have a lint remover, cut off a piece of painters tape like this ScotchBlue 1.88 in. W X 60 yd L Blue Medium Strength Original Painter’s Tape. You can run it over your pants to remove any bothersome lint to give your pants a clean finish. This multi-surface painter’s tape won’t damage your clothes.



Clip Your Cables

Binder Clips


These Acco Medium Black/Silver Binder Clips can help declutter your desk and any spaces where you have multiple cords and cables. Use them to prevent cords from tangling. You can even label each clip to identify cords and cables. They have a strong grip and can easily release with a pinch of the arms.


Check our store hours and come into Ace Hardware of Fort Collins at Harmony and Lemay to discover the hidden potential of everyday items. We’ll show you how to be resourceful and creative with our selection of tools and household items, and get more from your purchases.

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