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They look pretty up in the trees, adding splashes of bright reds and yellows to your neighborhood. But once they’re on the ground? Not so pretty. Leaves left on the ground in thick blankets and covered by snow, for the entire winter season, can cause snow mold or suffocate your lawn. If you don’t have a neighborhood kid looking to make a few extra bucks one weekend, it’s best to get outside and begin leaf cleanup yourself. Luckily, Ace Hardware of Fort Collins has a few options to make the daunting task easier!

Rakes: Raking leaves, a method that is tried and true, is a classic cleanup technique. Effective and simple, it gets the job done. Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting, industrial sized rake or a smaller, inexpensive one, Ace has plenty of options for you. Use the rake to scrape leaves into a pile and then bag them. Try this Ace rake, on sale for only $9.99!

Leaf Blowers: Leaf blowers these days can pack a lot of power off a single charge, making them a very easy way to move leaves or grass clippings off the walkways and driveway. Right now, during our 95th Anniversary sale until October 28, you can shop Toro and Craftsman leaf blowers at a discounted price! Or, choose a cordless option from Stihl and Ego. (Read more about our battery operated lawn tools here).

Leaf Grabbers: Struggling to get the leaves transferred from the pile to the bag without making a huge mess? May we introduce to you the ‘Leaf Scoop.’ Pick a color and get scooping!

Mow the Leaves: If cleaning up the leaves just isn’t your style, you can probably get away with mowing them. After they are fairly crunchy and dry (not damp), run over them with a mower. The smaller pieces will act as mulch and can help protect your trees, shrubs, and garden and discourage weed growth.

Unsure about the best way to care for your yard this fall and gather up leaves? Our friendly staff at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins is always available to answer your questions or recommend products for you! Stop in before October 28, 2019 to take advantage of our 95th Anniversary sale and save on trash cans, rakes, fertilizer, and more!

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