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Fall is here and the weather is starting to cool down, which means it’s a perfect time to stain your deck before winter hits! Staining your deck can be a stressful project. The idea of messing up and ruining your beautiful deck can be enough to cause even the bravest of us to put off the task. We realize this and are here to help. Here are some best practices to follow when staining your deck:

Be Sure to Forecast

No matter how much we would like to, we cannot control the weather. Weather can play a big part in your staining project. If it is too hot, the stain won’t penetrate the wood. If it’s supposed to rain, your efforts will be washed away. Be sure to start your project during a time in which the weather is clear and temperate.

Clean Your Deck

We mean really clean it. Don’t just sweep your deck before starting, make sure to clear out any dirt or debris that has built up over time that may impact your project negatively. Ace carries professional deck cleaners that are a sure-fire way to make sure your deck is cleared and ready to stain.

Perform a Test Stain

When your deck is cleaned and ready to go, tape off a small area to test your stain on. This will allow you to make sure that it is the right color before you start the entire project.

Tape Tape Tape

Be sure to tape off any areas that you do not want stained. This is an easy step to overlook and can leave you with sloppy edges that ruin the whole look of the project.

Stain Away

Use a staining brush with a removable handle like the Wooster Bravo Stainer (sku 1235084). A long handle (sold separately) will make the job a bit easier on you back and legs, while the short handle (included)  will offer control in tighter areas. When working on small areas use a stain pad (sku 17648) from Ace Hardware of Fort Collins to make sure you are completely covering the surface area and to help with a smooth finish.  It helps especially with railings and spindles. Remember rubber or latex gloves will be needed too (there is wide selection at Ace Hardware of Fort Collins). Finally back brushing or wiping excess stain is key to finish you will want to achieve. After applying stain remove any excess within 15 minutes.

Don’t let the fear of messing up your deck stand in the way of a beautiful stain project. Use these best practices and be sure to pick up all of your top of the line materials at Ace of Fort Collins.

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