1001 E. Harmony Rd, Unit B, Fort Collins, CO

Ace Hardware of Fort Collins is the place for the best customer service in town. The friendly folks at our service counter offer a range of convenient services, one of which is key cutting! If you’re looking for affordable and quick key-cutting services, Ace Hardware of Fort Collins is the place for you to go. 

We can cut practically any kind of key – if you are simply needing a spare key for your house or office, we can get one into your hands within seconds. If you’re needing a new high-tech chip key for your vehicle, we can do that as well – if you come to us first, there’s rarely a need to go to your dealer to get a key cut!  

Standard House and Lock Keys

If you’re looking to get a copy of a standard key, look no further than Ace Hardware of Fort Collins. We offer a wide range of both simple and decorative key blanks – take your pick, and our team will cut your new key in a jiffy. 

Keys for Automobiles

The Ace Hardware of Fort Collins team is eager to help you save both time and money on those expensive chip keys. Come stop by for dealership-quality keys at up to 60% savings, which we will program and get into your hands within minutes. Ace Hardware of Fort Collins also carries key fobs for GMC and Ford – if your vehicle is one of these makes, we’ve got you covered!

The car key programming process varies depending on the year, make and model of your car – all of these factors impact how long it takes for our team to get a key replacement into your hands. Basic car keys can usually be cut in just a few minutes! Modern car keys, such as fobs, have unique transponder chips that may require programming –  because of this, a car key fob replacement could take up to an hour. 

To learn if we can help, use Ace Hardware of Fort Collins’ car finder tool to locate the best car key replacements for your make and model. You can also stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins today – our team is happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Accessories for Keys

With a fresh new key in hand, you’re sure to want a new keychain or accessory to ensure that you don’t misplace it! No need to make another stop to look for key accessories – Ace Hardware of Fort Collins has everything you could possibly want to attach your new key to.

Nite Ize IdentiKey 2.5 in. D Rubber Assorted Key Cover: Everyone has that drawer or bowl full of keys that have long been forgotten, but nobody wants to throw them away, just in case. Nite Ize has solved that problem with IdentiKey Covers. These flexible, colorful key covers make it easy to organize and identify keys of all shapes and sizes. Each one has a write-on tab (for marking with permanent ink) that folds under to keep the label protected. The cover itself is made from a flexible, durable rubber that slides over keys of most shapes and sizes to stay snugly in place so your keys will always be easily identifiable. The combo pack pairs these IdentiKey covers with two polycarbonate S-Biner MicroLocks for quick secure attachment to key rings.

Nite Ize KeyRack 2 in. D Stainless Steel Black Carabiner KeyChain: The KeyRack is as functional as it is compact, versatile as it is simple, and useful as it is (for lack of a better word) cool-looking. Its high quality stainless steel carabiner clip has a secure gate closure on one end, allowing you to clip your keys to an existing key ring, belt loop, purse strap, zipper pull-anything with a loop or D-ring. The other end holds six different-colored plastic S-Biners, perfectly sized to hold six separate keys. Identify your keys by color, and attach and release them individually from the Key Rack with ease. No more fiddling with split rings or fumbling to find the key you need-the Key Rack is perfect for quick and easy sharing of keys with family members, leaving a key for a valet or babysitter, and taking a single key when you’re out on a run or ride.

Next time you’re needing a new key copy, make Ace Hardware of Fort Collins on Harmony your first – and only – stop. Our team is proud to offer quick and convenient key cutting services, all at a wallet-friendly price!

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