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You’re relaxing after a long day out on your porch, just watching the sunset and drinking some fresh lemonade. Then suddenly you hear it: the loud buzzing by your ear that could come only from a wasp. Wasps are an aggressive insect that easily feel threatened and will sting when you are close to their nest. They have smooth skin as opposed to a bee’s fuzzy body and their stings can be more painful. Bees contribute to the pollination of about 80% of the world’s plants, but wasps are less efficient and can be a nuisance! Here are some ways to keep them away and avoid some painful stings!

  1. Removing nests: The best time to take down the nests is at night because the wasps will be least active. Cover the nest in a cloth bag and drop it into a bucket of water. Completely submerge it to drown the wasps. You can also spray the nest with soapy water, which will kill them almost immediately as the soap will clog their breathing pores.
  2. Pesticide spray: Ace carries a number of wasp sprays including Raid, Ace Hardware brand, and an EcoSmart Wasp & Hornet killer. Any one of these sprays are very effective in killing a nest of wasps. Always remember to wear protective clothing and spray nests at night. Follow the instructions on the can very carefully.
  3. Wasp traps: Ace also carries several different types of wasp traps. Ranging from $6.99 to $119.99, there’s something that will meet every need. These traps will lure wasps in, but they won’t be able to escape.
  4. Repelling scents: Plants such as wormwood, eucalyptus, mint, and citronella give off an odor that wasps don’t like. Plant them throughout your garden and around your landscape. It should keep them at a far enough distance from your home.
  5. Fake nests: It shouldn’t be a surprise given their aggressive temperament, but wasps can be very territorial. If they see another nest, they will move on to find somewhere else. Making a fake nest is simple enough. Crumple up a brown paper bag and tie it near the real nest. When the wasps see the decoy nest, they will leave to avoid conflict.

There are many ways to get rid of wasps. They are annoying, but also can be dangerous! Stings are not only painful, but too many of them can cause you real discomfort or an allergic reaction. So while removing nests or spraying the wasps, please exercise extreme caution. Then you can safely enjoy your lemonade out on the porch, free of buzzing and the fear of stings!

Stop by Ace Hardware of Fort Collins today and our friendly staff can help you choose the right product to keep those wasps away!

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